Big Data: “Globe Prophet” of The Tech Giants

People vaguely understand that Facebook, Google have big data, huge database sources – a great resource revenues will bring many advantages terrible or formidable opponent, something that can help advertisers to approach, interfere with consumers stronger.

Big data – precious resource warehouse

Big data is believed by the chief marketing officer (CMO) in the world that it will be the trend of the future, even many experts also rated Big data will bring revolution to marketing solutions.

With Facebook nowadays, any behavior of consumers, including personal conversations, family photos, information about travel, work, hobbies, date of birth, marital status are backup switch to Facebook’s servers. Google, a major search engine, accounting for 88% market share in the internet world, every day holds a large data source search behavior, the behavior of consumers on the internet.

Big data – prediction window

To meet the increasing needs of customers, you need to understand their behavior, what they think, and the more accurately understand, and easy to understand, the better.

If you are a marketer or a genuine technological people will certainly know the saying, “We cannot control what we do not measure.” This means if there are clear data on consumer behavior, marketers can make a good guess, and with more precision than just random, simple implementation of campaigns marketing to promote products, the desired impact on consumer behavior in real life. Obviously, the scope of master data and the size of a problem, then we will reap the benefits very clearly.

Not only are there benefits to marketers, and businesses, big data brings many benefits to organizations such as the government helps organizations predict the unemployment rate, the spending cuts, or the outbreak disease from which identify trends, as well as prevent the problems that can come. On the consumer side, big data brings more purchasing experience.

Many challenges

Big data is the data which is extremely large, beyond the traditional processing capabilities, the company is very large, the information technology infrastructure of the new modern extremely capable of storing large data sets, as well as analytical tools and supercomputers for data mining.

Currently in the world, only a few leading corporations in the field of big data, such as IBM, Oracle, … Even Facebook and Google, also is in the early stages of the exploitation, and make money from this huge data sources, to bring benefits to businesses reaching consumers. Is the enterprise’s strategic vision, and potential new potentially strong enough to invest in technology infrastructure to pursue an extra large data mining for sustainable business strategy. Most of these platform campaign management and marketing automation platform is not enough capacity to collect, store, and screening ultra-large mountain of information to be able to determine what is relevant to the customer as well as to use that information to create and maintain a dialogue with customers.

Thus, information technology infrastructure is strong enough to be a major challenge for organizations and businesses to exploit the benefits of big data.

Another challenge is also to tell the detailed analysis of consumer behavior from every angle also means that the infringement of personal privacy, a right to be protected by law. This challenge really is a problem for businesses, and organizations.

In short, big data is not just an opportunity for organizations and businesses seeking information strategy to ensure a sustainable business, the perfect marketing strategy that large data whose declaration sourcing this data so that the effect is a major challenge for organizations and businesses to own this precious resource


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