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Reachergable HoverBoard

What do you know about the Rechargeable Hoverboard? Skating has taken a new look with the advancement of technology. Have you ever imagine moving or skating with a wheel. Here comes Hoverboard, the skating board with just a single wheel. HoverBoard is a multi-functioning device. Technology meets sport with HoverBoard which is a rechargeable skating board. It has a speed of about 16mph. it comes with a customizable LED lighting and Bluetooth. The battery gets full within 16mins of charging.
Hoverboard Technologies was started by Robert Bigler, inventor and entrepreneur. Robert’s vision for the future of personal electric mobility has finally led to the delivery of the Hoverboard. The Hoverboard design has been in Robert’s mind for many years came to fulfilment after selling of this previous company Animatics Corporation. Hoverboard Technologies is wholly owned by Equalia who does all of the design work for Hoverboard. How it works             HoverBoard which is an electronic motor has a…

Opal: The Ice Making Machine

For lovers of ice in their drinks called Nugget; Nugget is a compressed ice, it is a special form of frozen water, it is soft, light, and particularly easy to chew. Opal nugget ice is a machine which produces about 3pounds of ice from a 6-cups reservoir; it possesses a high-tech sensor that makes it known when to start and stop making ice. This sensor will identify the level of water in the bucket, in order to turn the ice maker on or off. Just like a cooler, ice will slowly melt within the air-insulated bucket. Opal will automatically be turned on to make sure that the bucket is refilled with ice.

Opal development started with the idea of Alan Mitchell, Ismael Ramos at FirstBuild, which was later developed by FirstBuild into beautiful and functioning products used today. FirstBuid is a co-creation community that is renovating the way products get into the market by letting a community influence the products from beginning. How it works
Opal nugget ice is made by scrapping the ice flakes…