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Awesome Technologies and Gadgets to Make Your Tech Life Easier in 2015 and Beyond

There’s so much in store for tech enthusiasts and geeks this year with all these new toys for big boys and girls – wearables, smart devices, mobile technology, Internet things and everything in-between – it’s difficult not to gloat over them on screen. While some aren’t available for purchase yet, the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 revealed them last week in addition to the R&Ds and prototypes released last year from various companies and organisations. Daily Mail even called this year as the “pottiest year for gadgets ever.” I couldn’t agree more. Here’s why. Sony Steel Edition SmartWatch 3 Watch out, Apple. Sony is also taking a stab at wearable devices with this matte-finished steel edition SmartWatch 3. Aesthetically, there’s a twist of classic elegance and a dab of casual feel on this watch. It’s powered by a Qualcomm chipset in standard 24mm watch strap for wee hours of fitness activities and split-times. Apple Watch For Apple fanboys and girls, their penchant for iDevices w…

Telegram – The real competitor of Whatsapp

“THE NO. 1 REASON FOR ME TO [HELP LAUNCH] TELEGRAM WAS TO BUILD A MEANS OF COMMUNICATION THAT CAN’T BE ACCESSED BY THE RUSSIAN SECURITY AGENCIES.” “TELEGRAM IS NOT INTENDED TO BRING REVENUE, IT WILL NEVER SELL ADS.” These were the Messages for the audience of one of the most popular app TELEGRAM! You can download telegram from the PLAY STORE!  While browsing through my website my school’s Principle Madam who is a highly qualified teacher , told me to describe my audience about the features of the amazingly growing application Telegram! Now let’s compare TELEGRAM with the Giant Messenger WhatsApp! First , let’s see some of the features of Telegram! SOURCE: SOURCE:

Microsoft’s Hololens acing holographic portrayal

In the entrails of Building 92, covered up underneath the organization’s open guest focus in a mystery arrangement of labs, Microsoft let a couple of individuals go for what may be the most aspiring Windows gadget ever constructed: a holographic headset that means to opponent the most progressive virtual reality gadgets out there.
Microsoft’s Hololens is required to run Windows 10 and applications – holographic ones that will skim before your line of vision and applications that can be run on telephones, tablets, Pcs and the Xbox One amusement support. With the holographic projects, Microsoft is attempting to change how we contemplate registering, gainfulness and correspondence. Generally as VR adversaries Oculus (claimed by Facebook) and Google are attempting to reconsider virtual encounters with their head-worn gadgets, Microsoft needs us to envision a world without screens, where data just floats before you. “We’re not looking at placing you into virtual planets,” Hololens pioneer A…

Google tests drone deliveries in Project Wing trials

Google has built and tested autonomous aerial vehicles, which it believes could be used for goods deliveries. The project is being developed at Google X, the company's clandestine tech research arm, which is also responsible for its self-driving car.
Project Wing has been running for two years, but was a secret until now.
Google said that its long-term goal was to develop drones that could be used for disaster relief by delivering aid to isolated areas.
They could be used after earthquakes, floods, or extreme weather events, the company suggested, to take small items such as medicines or batteries to people in areas that conventional vehicles cannot reach.
"Even just a few of these, being able to shuttle nearly continuously could service a very large number of people in an emergency situation," explained Astro Teller, Captain of Moonshots - Google X's name for big-thinking projects.
Australia tests Google'…

Drug delivery drone crashes in Mexico

The drone had been brought down by the weight of the packages it had been carrying, said police
A drone carrying illegal drugs has crashed near a US border crossing in Mexico. The quadcopter carrying 3kg (6.6lb) of methamphetamine was found in pieces in a supermarket car park near San Ysidro.
Mexican police said the drone had probably crashed because the drugs onboard had been too heavy for it.
They added that drones were increasingly being used to ferry illicit items across the border with the US.
Home-grown drones In a statement, the Tijuana police said the drugs had been divided into six packets crudely taped to the body of the drone.
After receiving an anonymous call about the crashed craft, Tijuana police recovered the drone and are now examining it to see if they can trace who set it flying and where it began its journey.
The statement said the drone was a prototype that could be given GPS co-ordinates and would then travel to that lo…

Make coders develop Blackberry apps, says firm's boss

App makers should be required to make software for Blackberry handsets, says the boss of the phone company. In an open letter to members of the US Congress, John Chen said rivals should be obliged to make their widely used apps available on Blackberry handsets.
He said the other firms and developers were "discriminating" against Blackberry by not making the apps.
His comments drew criticism from experts, one of whom called his claims "ludicrous".
'Discriminatory practice' In his letter, Mr Chen sought to expand the definition of "net neutrality" to encompass more than just the way data travels to peoples' homes.
Net neutrality is the principle that there should be no paid prioritisation for net traffic. This means no company should be able to gain a commercial advantage by paying ISPs to have its data reach people faster.
Mr Chen said the same should apply to apps on smartphones, so companies wou…

Soon you can sell goods on Groups on Facebook

Now a days you may have  witnessed various posts in many groups in Facebook that people trying to sell their used products. With the increase of such posts in fb even Facebook is also found to be implementing to include the selling feature over Facebook so that millions of users get benefited.
According to the The Next Web, few users have reported that they faced an additional feature in some of the groups seeing a “sell something” button very next to the “write post” button. Right after clicking on the “sell something” button a new form will be opened with the empty fields to provide information such as the product which you are selling, the price of the product and description of the product you are going to sell. You can even add the pictures of the product. This feature gives the flexibility to add the details of delivery options too.

Above is the attached screenshot of the sample which appeared in one of the Facebook groups. Once the information is posted one can co…

Whatsapp to provide Free Calling service, Screenshot leaked online

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging service acquired by facebook this year, will provide free voice calling service very soon . This will increase the popularity of this messaging app because many people says that WhatsApp is not doing good job of keeping pace with newer offerings in terms of adding popular new features to its app.
Though , in recent months Whatsapp is improving it’s features like encrypting messages and other privacy options. But we can not call them interesting and improved features because there are so many apps in the market that provide so many features.
In February this year, Whatsapp annonced that very soon they will provide free calling service. The WhatsApp founder and chief executive, Jan Koum, announced that the new Facebook company is working on voice calling to be introduced into the WhatsApp messaging app, initially on the iPhone and Android in the second quarter of the year, with BlackBerry and Windows Phone to be updated later.
Finally …

10 Reasons : Why Facebook is so popular and successful?

Mark Zuckerberg along with his friends while studying at the Harvard University came up with the idea of creating a website through which students can communicate with each other easily. After that they increased the limitation to some other nearby universities and finally in 2006 launched the website named Facebook on the World Wide Web. The prerequisites for opening an account was just a valid Email address and over 13 years of age. A number of successful changes have been made to the website which has made the website more attractive, easy to use and operate along with being secure. But what was the reason behind the astonishing victory of this social networking website over its peers is the real question. So let us study the disparate reasons behind the popularity of this website in detail.
1) User Friendly Nature:
Facebook is the most easy to use website and even a small 14-year-old can easily understand all the features that are included in the website. One can tex…

Gmail has been Blocked in china after six months of disruption

China is a well known country for censoring websites that have potential to distribute anti-government content. Earlier they blocked Facebook, twitter and many websites. Now, A news is coming that Google’s populer email service ‘Gmail’ is blocked for Chinese users.
Chinese have been unable to access their gmail accounts since Friday. According to Google’s research the real-time traffic to its gmail service in China dropping significantly on 26 December – and this traffic has not yet been restored. It is said to be the latest move by the Chinese government to shut down on web services outside china, but the Foreign Ministry of china is saying that they weren’t involved on this.
The block was firstly reported by a China-based freedom of speech advocacy group and than it was confirmed by Dyn Research group, and Google’s Transparency Report.
According to google their Data report tracks ongoing disruptions to Google services around the globe and The gmail traf…

How Social Networking Websites can be hacked?

At the point when individuals discuss hacking and social networks, they’re not alluding to the common meaning of hacking, which is utilizing malignant code or secondary passages as a part of machine systems to harm systems or take restrictive data. Hacking into social networks requires almost no specialized ability. It’s significantly even more a mental amusement – utilizing data on individual profiles to win a finish more interesting’s trust.
This second sort of Social networking website hacking is called social engineering. Social engineering uses enticing mental systems to endeavor the weakest connection in the data security framework: individuals . Samples of social engineering tricks could be:
Calling a systems administrator acting like a furious official who overlooked his secret key and needs to get to his machine instantly.Acting like a bank representative and calling a client to request his MasterCard number.Professing to lose your key card and sympathetic asking a …

WhatsApp Plus users suspended by official app for 24 hours

WhatsApp Plus had been offered as an alternative to the official app since 2012 WhatsApp is imposing 24-hour lock-outs on people trying to access its service via an unauthorised Android app. The Facebook-owned messaging service said that it had acted against users of WhatsApp Plus because of concerns that the program might cause private data to be leaked to third-parties.
The unofficial app offers extra ways to customise how conversations appear.
Experts say Android users should be cautious about where they download apps from.
WhatsApp recently reported it had 700 million users sending an average of 30 billion messages a day. It currently charges a $0.99 (65p) annual fee to users who sign up to the service after their first 12 months of using it.
"Our goal is always to keep WhatsApp fast and secure for the people who use it - it's the most important thing we do," said a spokesman for the firm.
"Third-parties that ha…

Make your Youtube Videos LoadFaster Than Never

YouTube is the popular social media for the videos can be shared online and we can find lot of information in the form of videos. It is founded by three PayPal employees and later on it was acquitted by Google for large amount of money.
Internet users just search their needed video directly in the YouTube search bar which gives the lots of videos for the related searches. As per the speed of the internet concerned YouTube video quality and buffering depends on, if we have less mbps internet access the YouTube video gets buffered and the users get irritated by it. People will get annoyed with this buffering issue while watching our favorite video or the live video online its main reason is only the cause of slow internet. Hence here we come out with a method to solve the buffering problem while watching YouTube videos. This method helps you to speed up the loading of YouTube videos.
Follow the below steps carefully that are explained for the topic of YouTube videos load f…

Let me (and only me) in my iPhone

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Privacy and security have been hot buttons of mine. As a consequence, I'm asked to check out authentication apps nearly as often as I'm asked if I want fries with that.
Authentication technologies that restrict access to smartphones and tablets are becoming an increasingly important tool for information technology (IT) professionals in the unending quest to protect valuable digital assets.
More employees are using mobile devices as portals into company data, which makes them tempting targets for hackers. The challenge for IT is to find authentication software that is both secure enough to be an effective gatekeeper and convenient enough that employees won't mind using it.
That combination has proven to be elusive. Most of the apps out there employ the device's rear-facing camera for face recognition, which is cool when it works. But it can be downright infuriating when it doesn't. And you can rest assured that, sooner or later, it …

Copperfield conjures new tricks from tech

Copperfield conjures new tricks from tech
LAS VEGAS — We found world-renowned magician David Copperfield on the floor of the recent Consumer Electronics Show here, spending three days looking for the latest tech breakthrough.
Perusing robots, levitating music speakers, virtual pets and so much more, "I look for possible applications that can be used in my work and not be seen as tech," he says.
After meeting at CES, Copperfield, who has amassed an $800 million fortune performing to sellout crowds 40 weeks a year here, according to Forbes, invited us to his private International Museum and Library of the Conjuring Arts. The structure, off the Strip, is home to his rare $200 million collection of magic memorabilia.

Tech and magic
At CES, "over and over, not just the spectators, but all the spokesmodels," demonstrated a product, and said it worked, "just like magic," he says.
Copperfield finds the connection between tech and magic an obvious one. He…

What is the world's weakest password? Even worse than 'password'

What is the world's weakest password? Even worse than 'password'
Security firm SplashData’s annual chart reminds internet users to avoid long strings of numbers, but also sports, children’s names and birth years

It is a sad day for strings of consecutive numbers hoping to be used as passwords by foolish internet users.
The password 123456 has been named as the worst password of 2014 by online security firm SplashData, and it’s joined in the top 10 by 12345, 12345678, 123456789 and 1234.
The company publishes the chart annually, and yes, SplashData makes password management software. But it claims its “worst passwords” rankings are based on hard data: a list of 3.3m leaked passwords last year.
The numerical passwords are joined in the latest top 10 by “password”, “qwerty”, “baseball”, “dragon” and “football”, with the analysis based on leaked passwords in North America and western Europe – hence no inclusion of Russian terms, which SplashData claims are also …

Most common password in 2014: '123456'

Despite all the warnings about password security, "123456" was the most commonly used password in 2014, says data from research firm SplashData.
The company's worst passwords list finds "123456" and "password" have remained the top two most popular passwords since they started tracking in 2011. The list was compiled from more than 3.3 million passwords leaked during the year.
Shooting up to third is another numeric password, "12345," followed by "12345678" and "qwerty." Overal, five of the top 10 worst passwords featured were numeric.
"Passwords based on simple patterns on your keyboard remain popular despite how weak they are," said Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData, in a statement. "Any password using numbers alone should be avoided, especially sequences."
New to the list were common words including "baseball," "dragon" and "football," all of which finished in t…

You could soon use your Mac, iPad and iPhone with your eyes

Apple has been doing wonders with the operating systems for long and a new update states that the tech giant could introduce a wow-factor into the existing devices.
According to a report on Macrumors, Apple Insider mentioned that Apple has just been granted a patent for eye-tracking. This feature states that the new eye-tracking technology will be used into the operating systems of both the desktop and mobile platforms from Apple.
The eye-tracking technology will be used for controlling the user interface of a smartphone and / or computer, possibly pushing the mouse or touchscreen as a pointing device into a device of the past.
The patent states that the Apple devices, that include the front camera, can now be controlled by eye movements itself. The front camera will track eye movements and translate them into the movement of the cursor on the screen or display. Implementing this technology into existing computers and mobile devices could help mature the technology, onl…

How To Increase Internet Speed 10x Times

How To Increase Internet Speed 10x Times – Hey Hackers we are back again this time with a auique topic that is we will teach you how you can increase your internet speed to 10 times very easily. So here are the ways through which you can increase your internet speed. 1. Test a different modem/router
The biggest cause of slowed down internet is a bad modem. For ages I was using a Billion modem that I thought was absolutely fantastic. I was having frequent internet drop outs and blaming them on my ISP. Finally I changed to a new NETGEAR N150 modem and speeds went up and the drop outs stopped. The problem? The old Billion modem wasn’t equipped for ADSL2+. Rookie mistake. Make sure your modem is suited to the internet plan that you are on.

Update: I’m now using the above modem/router called the NETGEAR D6300 (AC1600 Dual Band Gigabit) which is lightning fast, has a huge wireless range and has many other cloud-based features. I highly recommend this bad boy.
2. Scan for viruses