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Big Data: “Globe Prophet” of The Tech Giants

People vaguely understand that Facebook, Google have big data, huge database sources – a great resource revenues will bring many advantages terrible or formidable opponent, something that can help advertisers to approach, interfere with consumers stronger.Big data – precious resource warehouseBig data is believed by the chief marketing officer (CMO) in the world that it will be the trend of the future, even many experts also rated Big data will bring revolution to marketing solutions.With Facebook nowadays, any behavior of consumers, including personal conversations, family photos, information about travel, work, hobbies, date of birth, marital status are backup switch to Facebook’s servers. Google, a major search engine, accounting for 88% market share in the internet world, every day holds a large data source search behavior, the behavior of consumers on the internet.Big data – prediction windowTo meet the increasing needs of customers, you need to understand their behavior, what th…