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10 Job Search Tools You Need To Know

When it comes to job searches, many of you will agree with me that job search tools doesn’t exit or you rarely hear of job search tools, On the other hand, there are dozens, if not hundreds of productivity tools. Many of it are  available in the online marketplace, specially designed to give you an edge over your competition in the job market. Here are 10 powerful tools that will help accelerate your job search efforts: 1. JobscanMany companies are using the applicant tracking system to filter out job seekers that don’t meet their criteria.Given that your resume is the only item up for digital review, what you write on it will make it or break it. Using the same technology that resume screeners are built on, Jobscan analyses any job description keywords against your resume and tells you what is missing. It even breaks them up into hard and soft skills, matching not just the existence of a keyword but also the number of occurrences for each of them. Knowing these keywords allows you to optimi…

Why is Microsoft dumping data centers into the Pacific Ocean?

In case you didn’t already know, dumping computer equipment into water is generally not a very good idea. This fact is mainly the reason why Microsoft’s dumping of data centers is so interesting.
Data centers are basically buildings containing various computer equipment that process all of the internet we use. With the increase in the usage of cloud-based services and various other internet provisions, data centers are in such a high demand right now. But the problem that comes with them is that they are so expensive to maintain. Not only do they consume a lot of energy, most of the energy they consume is spent on the cooling system that prevents the components from overheating.

Given these pieces of information, Microsoft’s idea of putting data centers into the ocean is starting to make much more sense. The idea behind this is that by doing so, Microsoft should be able to capitalize on the low temperatures of the bottom at the ocean. Since the mass of the ocean is practically limitle…