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Facebook Releases New Logo – Most People Probably Didn’t even Notice

Most of the time, when social media giant Facebook makes a change it is pretty darn significant. You might remember when they switched up the News Feed feature and updated the messaging application. These were big shifts in their interface and it changed the way people use the application. More importantly, it caused a big stir among users who, as should be expected, found it somewhat difficult to make such a drastic change.So it may seem a little odd that Facebook recently made a change that many people probably did not even notice. This change was to their logo. They just made it simpler and friendlier, on Wednesday.The new logo is actually a combination of typesets specifically chosen to accomplish the company’s goal of being more approachable. For example, they have retained their “favicon” typeset characterized more notably by the “f” they use in their logo. However, the ‘a’ in the word facebook is rounder and thinner than before, which makes it easier to read on smaller screens.

How to Anonymously Access Wi-Fi from 2.5 Miles Away Using This Incredible Device

Anonymity is something that seems next to impossible in this era of government surveillance. Even Tor and VPNs are no longer seem to be enough to protect user privacy. Once your IP address is discovered, your Game Over! However, a method have been devised that not only allow users to anonymously connect to public Wi-Fi network, but also let them connect from about 2.5 Miles away. Security researcher Benjamin Caudill has developed a device that adds an extra layer of anonymity to whistleblowers, journalists, dissidents and, of course, criminals. Dubbed ProxyHam, it's a "hardware proxy" that allows users to connect to a long-distance public Wi-Fi network over an unidentifiable low-frequency radio channels, making it more difficult for government agencies and spies to unearth the real identity and source of the Internet traffic. How Proxyham is made? Proxyham is comprised of a WiFi-enabled Raspberry Pi computer, along with a three antennas setup. One antenna is used to co…