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Upcoming Smartphones

The current situation among the gallery of smartphones in the market is very competitive.Days when the people spend a bag full of dollars for a standard on-board configuration mobile are long gone. Now the options are wide open,we have a sea of classic quality smartphones ranging from 6000 rupees to 60000 rupees. One can get the same spec on a low budget gadgets like Coolpad,Asus,Lenovo,Xiaomi,OnePlus etc ..,that have ultimately turned challenging for the other end guys like Samsung, Sony, Apple, LG and HTC etc. It’s a very good sign in the market that alarms the high end makers to re-iterate their spec list and add some compellingly advanced features different from the low end budget makers.So,now the money we spend on smartphones is gonna get some serious meaning.
Microsoft Surface PhoneMicrosoft Surface Pro tablets have already proved their mettle and class in the past.The windows maker is planning to release a power packed surface phones in the early 2017. The Surface Phone will b…