Tips To Improve Your Laptop Battery Life

How would it be like if we could come up with ways to better the battery life of our laptops? Great, isn’t it? For its not only just an idea expressed, but also a need for many. Everytime people are seen complaining about poor battery life, except the ones with MAC obviously. If there were ways to increase your battery life, and better it, a bliss it would be. So here we come up with some tricks that would help you do so.
These are some basic yet easy tricks, that would surely help in improving your laptop’s battery life :
  1. Defrag Often :
This is one of the best ways yo improve your laptop’s battery life. Though inapplicable at times when the batter is working just fine, its an easy way to keep your laptop’s battery geared up at all times. Defragmentation of hard drive means faster and smoother working of the laptop, and low batter consumption.
  1. Lower the brightness :
Many laptops have options to reduce the brightness while its not being used. Use minimum possible brightness, that soothes the eye. Lower brightness results in less of battery usage, and hence saves battery.
  1. Reduce the number of background programs running:
Many a times, programs get to work as soon as the laptop is turned on. To minimize the number of programs, by closing the ones not in use via the task manager is a smart move to save on battery. Since these are the ones that consume a lot of it, hence reducing its life.
  1. Use more of the Hard drive :
While using other devices such as a CD or a DVD, the laptop uses up more of battery. Its feasible to use your laptop’s hard drive, over such devices.
  1. Cut off other devices :
Connectivity to wi-fi, usb ports is one of the main reasons for huge battery consumptions. When not in use, either the laptop should be shut down, or the wi-fi be disabled. Ipod, mobile phones and other such devices should not be charged via the laptop, since they detoriate its battery life.
  1. Keep Battery Contacts Clean :
Cleaner part, would mean a more efficient transfer of power and better battery life. The metal connections to the battery should be cleaned every once in a while. A cloth wetted with alcohol could be sufficient. And also the air vents should be kept on the cooler aide, hence require cleaning to.
  1. Clean off the Fan :
The laptop fan is quite often filled up with dirt and other tiny particles. To improvise on the battery working, and its longevity, it should be cleaned half yearly. This ensures proper working of the fan, and hence helps in keeping all the parts cool and provide with a better performance in the long run.
  1. Hibernate over Standby :
Always turn your laptop onto the hibernation mode, while its not in use. It saves up relatively more power, than the standby mode.
9.Careful with games :
Its one of the activity that consumes maximum power. You should avoid using game CD’s and DVD’s. But if that’s all you want, then you should go for downloading them, over other external stuff.
This was all about bettering your laptop’s batter life, and avoiding its drainage too soon. Simple, and everyday applicable steps these were. Hope it helped!


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